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Step into your highest level and build your brand into a CULT OF PERSONALITY.

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 Manifesting frequencies here ⟶

I create Alchemical Video Activations that allow you to connect to the frequencies of Metal, Divinity, and Multidimensional Magick so that you can deepen your interaction with the physical dimension.

#cultofpersonality here ⟶

Are you an entrepreneur who is ready to take your Brand, Business, or Creative Expression to the next level? Life is a DARK ART and it is my mission to tap into the Deep, Rich, Thick black soil of creation and create with every ounce of my being.



TIHOCO is a Next Level Design house. We are passionate about creative freedom, artistry, and expression. We are here for innovation. We are here to build your temple.

We are here to Unleash the Godhead.

The moment you transition as a brand away from being just you, to being a Cult of Personality is the moment you reach your next level.

Your brand takes on a life of its own and you become iconic.

You must evolve into a character of the highest magic and in the end you MUST become....something entirely different.


Bespoke Icon Activation


The Grimoire

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Deity Portraits


 what’s your Secret, Godhead?

Are You Ready to Ignite Your Creative Genius So That Your Business Can Create All The Money, Freedom, and Clients You Desire? Connect Daily With Your Secret Sauce and Activate Your Next Level Brand Blueprint. It’s YOUR Magic Potion. Get My 3 Magic Morning Manifesting Rituals and uplevel Your Daily Creation Game. NOW.


A few of the brand uplevels we have had the honor of developing

We develop immersive brand up-leveling tools for growth and launch. We are a temple of sensorial brand development for unapologetic success.



We are your holy impetus.


The Magickal Child is a visual meditation created by TIHOCO.

I see in the DARK

I see in the DARK

You’ll find me in the Astral

You’ll find me in the Astral

The Pillars of TIHOCO

The Pillars of TIHOCO

The Temple of TIHOCO

The Temple of TIHOCO


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