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The Mythmaker


The Tree of Bones

A young prince, cast out from his kingdom by his cruel and evil father finds himself lost in the forest. In his desperate state, he travels the forest seeking shelter and finds it inside the root system of a large mysterious tree. Unbeknownst to him, he has found The Bone Tree. The companion of this magickal tree is a genie who protects him from the evil spirits who roam the forest, searching for human bodies to inhabit.



No one remembers the name of the beautiful crystalline ghost that haunts the trail to Watershell. Some call her Sophie. Others just scream and run away. But those who aren’t afraid of her presence recieve gifts of beauty and wisdom far beyond anything they have ever experienced before. The ghost of Watershell always leaves her guests with a gift: a flower that never dies and renews the bearer with rich, dark beauty.


 a pure channel

Your website is your digital temple. Energetically, it should be a pure channel for your business entity to receive money and promote the best parts of what you have to offer. Sure, you can join the army of mediocre online presence that already exists.
Or you can do something else…..


The Blind Seer.

TIHOCO has a 20 year career of building businesses and creative innovation.

Creative Director A leader in Branding & Online Business, Tia’s work is at the intersection of Design, Intuitive Marketing & Metaphysical Alchemy.

She is an Author, Artist & Serial Entrepreneur, having launched several business including Multidimensional development LLC, Tihoco Brand Consultancy, The Butcher’s Guild, Avedano’s Meats and Sociale Restaurant, located in San Francisco, CA.

Tia’s unique genius lies in her ability to channel a business’ exclusive, bespoke icon; the blueprint for a business’ brand that makes unlocks its giant nature, turning it into an industry of one."