I help digital course creators break through technology overwhelm and endless learning cycles by being the best-last-step to launching their online program.

I work with my client 1:1 to find where they are stuck in “failure to launch” and help them get on track so that they can finally focus on selling & marketing their program and make CASH $$$$.

I create a done-for-you package based on your area of stuckness.

I create modules, upload videos, upload supporting documents, professionally brand module images, brand supporting PDF’s, synch with existing email systems (I do not deal with zapier integration) and more!

I have expertise in Kajabi, Clickfunnels and Kartra. I also give overall feedback on look, feel, and comprehensiveness of the program - as a course creator & branding nut, I have found it an immensely worthwhile investment to co-create in the final stages of online program development.

If you are interested in booking a Digital Creation Coaching Consultation with me, book on my calendar below!