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  • The key to creating your Signature Deep Brand - YES, there is a way for you to create a dynamic, powerful brand even if you don’t feel like you are artistic or if you already have a brand (psssst. rebranding should happen every time you uplevel).

  • How to overcome doubt, lack of clarity, fear of technology, and procrastinating quickly.

  • How to have FUN building your brand as unique extension of your pure essence.

  • The 3 proven steps in The TIHOCO Method I use to create the magic I express in stunning branded images predictably and consistently even though I am busy and manage multiple businesses AND a family.

  • How to gain more clarity in your life and business - especially if you are in a time of transition at work or in your relationships.

  • Why Branding + Marketing is so important to your business and how to LOVE it so that you can manifest clients that “get” you immediately and want to work with you.

  • The hard-to-swallow truth about the stagnant energy of your business when your brand is neglected and how to turn it around TODAY.

  • And much more….


Week 1


Deep Foundations - June 17th

In Week One we focus on building the strong visual foundations of your brand. There are two live training sessions and three tutorials in the Week One module. During the MasterClass we conduct a Brand Audit. Where is your brand now? What will it become? In this week’s lessons we explore some very special aspects of your essence and create a brand board. This work will lay the seeds of your brand and inform our build out of your brand assets as we move through the program. In this module I also introduce you to WORK CHURCH. A weekly Facebook work session. You will LOVE it. (I am so excited about this).



Week 2


Deep Discipline - June 24th

Week Two is all about Discipline. One of my FAVORITE subjects. Discipline is not a dirty word. It is the purest form of self worship you can access. And there are many ways Discipline can show up in your life, it can feel easy, I promise! There are two live sessions and three tutorials in the Week Two Module. We set up the bones of your business and brand. I go over how to build out your brand in Canva, how to define your content drivers, how to create exquisite daily rituals, and then of course…..WORK CHURCH. A live Facebook work session with music, candles and the collaborative magic of WE.



Week 3


Deep EXPLORATION - July 1st

Welcome to the playground of the GODHEAD. In week three, we create your Signature Icon. There are two live sessions and three tutorials in the Week Three Module. We explore the market, choose your Brand Color Palette, your Brand Typography, and I work with you personally in the group to create your signature Icon. By the end of this 6 Week Course you will have a completed Signature Icon that you can upload to Canva and use in your marketing materials. How awesome is that? This week’s WORK CHURCH is a live work session where I work on your project. If you’re stuck? I help you.



Week 4


Deep IDENTITY - july 8th

Your Brand Identity emerges in Week Four. We work on your Signature Logo, your Brand Photoshoot, and setting up your home office space (or creating a beautiful corner in your home) for Facebook Lives. I give you all my favorite resources for nailing a cohesive Brand Experience for your client. The lessons in this Week’s Modules are light so that you can focus on implementation. Our WORK CHURCH theme for this week is Power + Magic.



Week 5


Deep Creation - july 15th

Now that we have created all your DeepRich Core Brand Assets and we have a rock solid plan, it is time to move work on your Social Media Banners + Templates. Additional Modules this week focus on what you need to know about Brand Consistency, Marketing Flow, and a Bonus Module on Sensory Worship for Creative Inspiration. I teach you how to frame your life and business as ART and derive all the rich creativity you need to sustain a compelling brand while attracting your ideal clients. WORK CHURCH Live Facebook co-working session theme this week is curiosity and wonder.



Week 6


Deep Rich - july 22nd

Putting it all together….for me, DeepRich is a movement. It is my passion and purpose on the planet. I came here to be a wizard, and make no mistake, your Signature Branding is a SPELL. DeepRich is about unearthing your deepest, inner riches. It is about becoming the clearest, most aligned, beautiful expression of your work. It is about celebrating your unique gifts, and sharing your frequency. In this week’s MasterClass I show you how to design a beautiful Squarespace website and how to create images in Canva as you work to enhance and expand your brand. WORK CHURCH this week is about Getting. It. Done.



Week 7


follow up + catch up - July 29th

This final bonus week is me being here for you.

That’s it.

Whatever you need help with, that is what we will work on. The live coaching call and co-working WORK CHURCH session will focus on you, boo.



I have fans, check out what they have to say :)

TIHOCO is the only choice when it comes to creating a Temple for your Brand.
— Amy Wall | Founder of TimeLight skin nutrition
Tia is amazing, she makes everything easy and if she doesn’t know the best approach to a “problem” she will figure it out. She has a great understanding of web design, layout, and blends together her creativity with splashes of her intuition.
— Audra Schmeckpeper | The Social Medium
Tia Holmes is a brilliant designer who creates stunning, stand-out brands. Her work is rare.
— Nicole Finch | Founder of Unified Ascension
DeepRich Branding Academy

MasterClass Dates + Times

Time: 11am PST via zoom
Dates: June 17th, June 24th, July 1st, July 8th, July 15th, July 22nd, July 29th


WorkChurch Dates + Times (live coaching)

Time: 11am PST via zoom + fb live
Dates: June 21st, June 28th, July 5th, July 12th, July 19th, july 26th, August 2nd



What you get:

✔️ Lifetime Access to DeepRich Brand Academy Valued at $10,o00

✔️ 7 Deep Brand Group Coaching Calls Valued at $4000

✔️ 7 Weeks Deep Brand Support via WORK CHURCH in the DeepRich Private Facebook Community Valued at $7200

✔️ Full Deep Brand Social Media Images Build Out + Canva Templates Valued at $2000

✔️ 10 Licensed Adobe Stock Images Valued at $800

✔️ One Signature Brand Icon Valued at $500

✔️ Free set of Three GODHEAD Trinity Sprays + The TIHOCO Method Valued at $500

Bonus: Extra Post Week Catch Up Support Coaching Call + I help you where you are stuck.

Total Value: $25,000

June 17th - july 29th

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Psssst. You also get, as a FREE GIFT for joining my program, my GODHEAD Trinity Sprays.

These are three pure essential oil Alchemy Sprays that carry the energy of the Divine Masculine for Manifesting, Divine Feminine for Alchemy, and The Divine Human, for Transformation.

Each spray is a sensory "spell" that has a song and a video download that connects you with the energy.


To be honest, I have never seen or experienced anything like this before, to say it’s magical is an understatement. The sprays are used together with the three step TIHOCO Trinity Method of Alchemize, Accelerate, and Activate..


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